pocahontas park

vero beach, florida

Challenge: Integrate a modern “state of the art” playground and transit improvements into an historic Town Center area that included a community center and civic center, while upgrading the overall appearance and aesthetics.

Solution: Care was taken to respect the visual character of the site, and to reinforce the visual character through repeating the green roof and white clapboard siding of the existing community center.

"As the contractor on both of the Pocahontas Park projects, we were very pleased to once again work with Brad Smith and his design team, as we had previously completed several successful projects with them. The Pocahontas projects were well designed with thorough project coordination during the construction process.

Working with a well-informed and organized design team is an integral part of every successful project and I know that the City of Vero Beach, Florida is very satisfied.

We always enjoy working with Brad Smith and his staff and look forward to our next successful project partnering together."

- Brad Schuh, Summit Construction Management, Inc.

Pocahontas Park_Plan.png