brad Smith


Brad is the guiding visionary of Brad Smith Associates, Inc. and has been creating memorable places for his clients since 1982. Brad knows the practical aspects of planning, project implementation, and on-going maintenance. His foundational understanding, coupled with strong design abilities and a high level of integrity have yielded numerous innovative, creative, and highly successful projects for his company’s clients.

His passion is planning and his "big-picture" focus, coupled with his "what-if" questioning causes the team to maximize project potential and achieve exceptional results. Brad's perspective is action-oriented -- he is a navigator and his "Let's get going" outlook serves him and his firm well, resulting in creative solutions and goals being met.

Brad is a good communicator. His use of humor, metaphor, and relational skills serve him well whether he is facilitating public forums, leading a multi-disciplinary design charrette, or simply involved in a client meeting.

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Scott Girard

Director of Imaginality™

Scott brings an incredible operational skill set and tremendous expertise to our team, having served with the world-renowned Walt Disney “Imagineering” group as Head of Landscape Architecture & Horticulture Worldwide, and subsequently served as General Manager of Operations for Disney’s Horticulture at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

He will tell you that when Disney went to a zero-based budgeting scenario, he quickly realized that certain design changes could have greatly impacted the bottom line significantly. In later years this knowledge led to the crafting of the LandEconics program, a software tool that can help to optimize landscapes for long-term maintenance cost savings.

In his role as Director of Imaginality, Scott shares his expertise as coach and mentor for our planning and design staff. He maintains a keen eye toward constructability and ongoing maintenance considerations – all while not compromising creativity.

A former member of the Curriculum Advisory Council for the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Florida, Scott has also served on the State Technical Committee for Agribusiness for the Florida Department of Education’s CTE Program.


Our Associates


Lauren Colunga, PLA

Lauren’s strength is to view projects in their entirety and then manage and organize the detailed internal workflow to bring those projects into reality. Her experience includes landscape architecture in the U.S, England, Germany, and Okinawa and focuses on creative solutions to traditional problems. She helped construct 3 award winning RHS Chelsea Flower Show gardens while in England and began partnering with Brad Smith Associates in 2013 after living overseas for 11 years. She specializes in conceptual planning (at every scale), garden design, graphic design, and 3D modeling; software proficiencies include CAD, LandFX, SketchUP, Photoshop, and InDesign. Coordinating with partner organizations to manage out-sourced workflow, she ensures seamless integration of external input with final project delivery. 

Lauren has been working with BSA since 2013 and is currently based in Alexandria, Virginia.

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Kaley Dunlap, PLA

Kaley’s strategy for every project is to approach complex problems with creative and practical solutions. She believes in turning constraints into opportunities with thoughtful, collaborative planning. She brings a passion for attention to detail which is grounded in her early beginnings as a young draftsman. While at the University of Florida, Kaley immersed herself in all things Landscape Architecture and gained licensure in 2016. With nationwide experience in residential, commercial, transportation, and themed development projects, she is able to use her combined experiences to bring all types of projects from conceptual phases through to construction. Being an avid traveler has equipped Kaley with keen communication skills and strong improvisational skills which assist her in performing Project Management and Construction Administration tasks. She is an environmental advocate and member of the Florida Native Plant Society where she has participated in watershed clean-ups, habitat restorations, rare plant rescues, and educational outreach.

Kaley received a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Florida in 2012. She graduated with highest honors.

Kaley has been with BSA since 2018 and is based in Orlando, Florida.


Corryn East

Corryn is focused on developing solutions for complex design challenges. She strives to bring a comprehensive approach to place-making in all phases of the design process- translating dynamic design solutions into tangible landscapes that come to life. With each task she undertakes, Corryn works to ensure full adherence to design integrity, while considering all aspects of a project’s requirements. Her passion for Landscape Architecture is rooted in her extensive travels. She is fascinated by the cultural formation of landscapes and the respective influence of landscape on culture. Her work is equally motivated by form and function. At every scale, her approach to design draws from a recognition of the past and present of a space, while anticipating it’s evolution.  

Corryn received a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. She was a recipient of a Virginia ASLA Honor Award.  

Corryn joined BSA in 2018. She is based in Boston, Massachusetts.


destiny butler

Destiny excels as an organizer, seeking ever to bring order to all things. Though not a designer in the architectural sense of the word, she thrives as she seeks efficient, helpful processes to streamline and amplify the functionality of the administrative facet of BSA so that the artists can do their best work. She spent 10 years in the financial industry in Orlando and Colorado Springs, studying process and customer service as she interacted with clients on accounts of all sizes and values. She brings this experience to BSA as she lends her knowledge, organizational skills and straightforward thinking to the billing and accounting side of the operation.

Destiny graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. She, her husband and three children are based in Ocala, Florida.